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Licensed Social Worker Offering Life Counseling

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Communicate with Your Children

Kaleidoscope Therapy Services helps your child
deal with traumatic experiences and major life
transitions through play therapy. Find out how
to communicate with your child in a session.

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Heal Yourself from Trauma

Discover how to cope with grief or divorce
during personal therapy sessions for you and your
family. Whether you are going through a divorce
or grief, therapy sessions allow you to heal.

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Mission Statement: 
Her mission is to help clients become the best version of who they are or who they want to be. 

• More Than 25 Years of Experience •

Learn about Kaleidoscope Therapy Services

Wynne Preston of Kaleidoscope Therapy Services is a licensed clinical social worker who provides life counseling for adults and children. If you need help with your mental health, come to her office in Astoria, Oregon. Gain the perspective you need to move on after a traumatic event through her therapy. Since 2005, Wynne Preston has helped hundreds of people in the Astoria community work through their personal issues. Call her to set up your first consultation or appointment to begin your personal growth. Her scheduling is flexible and special arrangements are available to meet your needs.

Learn More about Kaleidoscope Therapy Services

Contact Wynne Preston to request an appointment if you or your family needs life counseling.

Memberships/Associations: National Association of Social Workers