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Children's Play Therapy

To help children cope with traumatic experiences, Kaleidoscope Therapy Services offers play therapy to engage and heal mental wounds. Bring your child to Wynne Preston's office in Astoria, Oregon, for a session.

Children's Therapy

Play therapy gives your child an outlet to discuss trauma and issues of divorce in a safe and loving environment. Because they cannot always explain their feelings, play therapy helps children express themselves and deal with any underlying issues. For more than 10 years, Wynne Preston has helped children and their families work through grief, trauma, and other stresses.

Children's Toys - Play Therapy

She knows from more than 20 years of experience in the mental health field and working in school systems that children are unable to process difficult situations the same as rational adults. During your first consultation, she gets to know you and your child, as well as the personal situation, to decide the appropriate course of action. Play therapy has various advantages, which include:

• Simultaneous Engagement of the Left & Right Brains
• Greater Engagement & Processing for Children & Families as a Whole
• Insight into How Children Process Grief & Trauma
• A Chance to Move Outside of Yourself to Work through Problems

If your child has suffered a traumatic experience, play therapy may help to solve the psychological consequences.